Welcome to Skycheckin.com, an innovative social network used by travel individuals for business or pleasure to connect and create new social opportunities by checking into Airlines. It's all about Airlines, people and real connections.

A unique Traveller Club

Skycheckin helps connecting the world's travellers to make them more productive and successful.

We believe that every social interaction carries within the potential to gain profit and benefits. By using our platform you might find an Airline passenger that has information or the skills you need. The success of your trip depends upon expansion of your social and business networking.

Who can use it?

Every Airline passengers around the world can use Skycheckin to virtually check-in to their Airline, connect and setup meetings with other interesting Airline passengers.

Where is Skycheckin available?

Skycheckin's database has more than 5000 Airlines worldwide, so you can use it in almost every trip in the world.

How does it work?

It's totally simple! First you have to sign up, manually or by One-Click using your Facebook. Once you're logged in, browse your flight or create your Route in the Skylocator and, search for your Airline and “check-in”. Now, you can start browsing for like-minded passengers in your Airline, connect by sending a message directly to their email to set up face-to-face meeting. You can also talk to the passenger of your flight on a public wall. This will allow you to develop good conversations, Business relationships and more ;)

How is Skycheckin different from other location-based websites?

“Don't just Check-In, check around”. Checking into Flights is much different from checking into other regular places. The average stay in Airports could be several hours, which enables you to create new connections. Skycheckin provides a unique platform to search for other Airline passengers and use a filter by age, gender, country, activities and interest, according to your demands.

Be informed in real time

Skycheckin email notifications will inform you in real time about other interesting Airline passenger around you and vice versa. (i.e. Someone checked out your profile, sent you a message, or an interesting passengers checked in or nearby your Airport). You can also use the map to picture which of your friend is travelling.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. This service is absolutely free and always will be.

Would like to know more?

For more information please email team@skycheckin.com.
We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.