Skycheckin Support FAQ

What does Skycheckin mean?

When you press the “Skycheckin” button, you become a virtual passenger. You inform your Facebook friends, twitter followers and other Skycheckin users in what plane you are flying. We don't have any system to check if you are really on that plane but we count on your goodwill to make this experience more interesting. To avoid any abuse, you won't be able to check into more than 2 flights per day.

What a difference the action of Skycheckin makes?

By Skycheckin into a flight and becoming a virtual passenger you can:

  • Interact with other passenger in your flight or in the airport.
  • Be exposed to special Airlines deals and discounts.
  • Setup face-to-face meetings with other passengers and enhance your networking.
  • Make your trip productive and much more fun, eliminate the boredom of staying alone in the airport by doing nothing.

How can I Skycheckin?

After signing up, you can use the search engine on the Home Page by searching an Airline associated to a Flight Number and a Departure date. You can also look for a Route associated to a Departure date.

Can I Check-in to any flights in the world?

Yes. There is no geographical limit. You can check in to any flights in the world as long as you can find it! But you can Check-in only to one flight at a time. The system won't let you check in another flight if you are already in an active flight.

When can I Skycheckin?

Your flight will be eligible for Skycheckin only 4 days before departure.

What is the difference between the Skycheckin and the SkyLocator Functionality?

Since you can only Skycheckin 4 days before your actual departure, we have created The SkyLocator that allows you to share with other members your future Route. There is no time limitation to use the SkyLocator. Once your flight becomes eligible for Skycheckin, we will send you a reminder for you to precise your flight and your seat.

What is a “Personal Message”?

Any guest can contact other guests by sending them a personal message. There is no restriction to send or receive messages as long as people can find you. This message is being sent directly to the guest's message box and also to your email as a notification to start a real interaction and perhaps setup a face-to-face meeting.

What is a flight Wall?

The Flight Wall is available on each flight. You can publicly talk to your fellow passengers. Anyone registered in the flight will be able to see what you write on this Wall. You can also mention people by using “@Seat number”. Everytime you mention someone he will receive a notification.

What is the “tell us about this flight” section?

Whether the purpose of your trip is business or vacation, please share it with others when you check-in to a flight. Business purpose can be as part of participating in a conference or attending business meetings, networking, cooperation, etc. Vacation purpose can be as part of a family trip, which you are looking for spending time with like-minded people that share this same purpose. In this section, you can also share your mood, the place where you would like to meet someone, the hotel you will stay, and your will to share a cab with another member. It's very important to share these details with other travellers so they will know what's your profile. A good description of your expectation for that trip increases the opportunity of making a connection and getting the best from your trip.

How the Matching System works?

Once you've filled out your profile, Skycheckin will provide a list of matches -- people we think you are compatible with. We will decide on the matches according to your Routes, your profile your flight moods.

Why can't I receive emails from Skycheckin or from other passengers?

Please check your spam/junk mail folder to see if our notification emails are being filtered. If so, you can avoid it by adding the filtered email address to your contact list.

What does a Group mean?

You can create a group that will gather all the routes and flights for a specific Event, a festival, an exposition... Anyone can add a Route or a Flight to an existing group. Each group has its own Wall where people can talk and share comments. Each Member will receive email notifications on Group activities to connect and stay in touch on your future travels.

How can I check out someone's profile without letting him/her know?

We urge our users to make real connections. Therefore we allow anyone who uses our platform know who checked out his/her profile and perhaps make a connection.

How do I delete my account on Skycheckin?

We're sorry to see you go, please email us with your name and email at

For Further Information

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